Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Good? I don't know if I can guarantee that, but I'm going to try.

See, I'm not good at this whole blogging thing. Terrible, in fact. I've made multiple attempts and failed every single time. Even when a grade was involved (stupid art school). The problem that I've had is that I like to know who I'm talking to, or, even less specifically, that I am talking to SOMEONE. I'm sure, however, that I'm not the only one to experience this when facing the world of the web, but it's daunting. Very, very daunting.

I'm going to start this like a first date. You and me. I'll tell you about myself...maybe you'll share something about yourself.

Currently, I work as a kitchen designer at a local home improvement store. I can't say which one, as I am pretty sure I signed something that said I wasn't allowed to blog about it. Other than telling you I spend 40 hours a week there, and I generally like my job--even though it subtracts valuable time away from promoting my work, crafting, and making art--I can't say much else. And that's fine with me.

My two cats are named Leto and Ghanima. I'm extremely proud of this. I firmly believe that everything that deserves a name should a) fit its name and b) have a name that's meaningful. More on this later.

I never have enough time--or space, actually--to do the things I want. I went to school for printmaking, graphic design, and photography, though I dabbled in glass making (burning myself repeatedly) as well. I make and sell jewelry when I'm not writing or doing these other things. And all that is around feeding my boyfriend and cats.

Finally, I am the author of a brand new vampire novel Benajah's Keeper. I am very excited to have this book available, not simply because it is my "brain child" or really anything as emotional or sentimental as that. I just think the world is ready for something new. Or as new as vampire novels can get.

There are a few things I hope to achieve on this blog. The first is the most obvious: promote my book. This includes the usual promotional stuff--news, sale info, etc... I would also like to provide insight to my methods, my choices, and overall experience of being a self published author. Something that seems  like a fun idea to me, which would only work once a fair amount of people have read Benajah's Keeper, is to hold art contests or discussions about the characters, for instance which actors would be in the movie if it ever were to be one (in a perfect fairytale world, of course).

What I DON'T want to see is this blog go by the wayside. The more interaction from you, the more I'm likely to post. No pressure.

Until we meet again,


Friday, October 26, 2012


Benajah's Keeper springs from project I began while in high school. It originally spanned no more than 60 pages and had a very youthful plot. Six years ago, I decided to revisit the document. Now it well surpasses 300 pages, and the manuscript has also received very positive reviews by both beta readers and professional editors.

As you have read (or should read!) here Benajah's Keeper is set in a world where vampires govern man, beginning with a prologue entitled “Genesis." The plot arc begins when the reader is introduced Evanna, the heroine of the story. To quickly describe her “adventure,” Evanna leaves her beloved vampire guild (Benajah) to complete a bloody assignment; while on this mission she is introduced to the realm of human beings on an entirely new level, plagued by dreams of a past life, and finds controlling her emotions a difficult task. While incorporating many of the characteristics of Urban Fantasy novels today, Benajah's Keeper also touches on the importance of loyalty, family, and being true to who you are. I like to call it a “coming of age” story...with vampires.

However, the publishing world today is somewhat difficult to penetrate. It's not simply a matter of finishing a manuscript, sending it off to a publishing company, and having a published book. There are agents involved who you first have to convince to represent both you and your work. Then they find a publisher. It is a long, time consuming, frustrating, and difficult path. 

I have decided to self publish with a company that offers global distribution, availability online, in bookstores, on the Kindle, and other e-readers. The main downside to self publication, however, is the marketing of your title relies greatly on self promotion and word of mouth. That is where you come in.

That being said: I need your help!

What I am asking: Read my book!
It can be purchased from Amazon in both hardcopy and digital form (coming soon); when you've finished, leave a review. Secondly, I am hoping to form a “street team.” It's fairly simple: you let people know about my book.

Here are some ways you can help:
  • You could go through your contacts and contact people you think would be interested in reading my book.
  • Social media: like, tweet, share, or submit to your favorite sites.
  • Stop in at a local library or an independent bookstore and see if they would be interested in carrying my book. Just ask if they are open to self-published work and if the genre fits with their customer base.
  • If you REALLY wanted to be more involved, I am considering putting together promotional packets which would have flyers, bookmarks, etc...that you could leave at local coffee shops or post on public bulletin boards.

These are only the few simple ideas I have come up with, but I am sure there are more. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I can't guarantee a reward if you choose to become involved. I am not giving out prizes or money for new readers; it is my hope that my work will be enough to convince you to help me. However, I would gladly compensate you by returning the favor on any of your endeavors.
I truly believe that I have written an entertaining novel that people will love and it's my goal to simply get exposure. With your help, on some distant day, you might be able to say to any stranger on the street that you “knew that girl when...” or you “taught that girl to read/write/live...”.

If you want to get involved, have any questions, suggestions, please reply or send an email to Thank you so much for your time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello all!

Exciting news this morning- Benajah's Keeper is now available! You can get your copy here! It will be available in Kindle format shortly (I'll keep you posted). Until then, read away if you can. Comment, subscribe to my Facebook following, or keep track of me on Twitter @benajahskeeper.



Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It seems to me the easiest way to get this started is just to start. So here's a sample chapter for your perusal. Read it, comment. Follow me on Twitter @BenajahsKeeper or 'like' me on Facebook. You know the drill. And if you're really feeling up to it, PREORDER your copy today:


Before there was light, there was darkness. An inky black stretched over the peaks of formless mountains and sank into the deep caverns and canyons of oceans-to-be. The wind caressed the bodiless land with seraphic fingers, the world trembling beneath their touch. And the silence was so loud the shapeless rocks seemed to sing, the air thick with their melodic hum.